Health 4 you CIC is an emerging social enterprise aiming to help BME women in the East and Southeast of Edinburgh to improve their health and personal wellbeing. We intend to provide a diverse range of projects that, in addition to serving the community, will offer opportunities for disadvantaged women to gain employment with us and volunteering experiences. This, at the very least, will help to regenerate wealth in their communities and stimulate wider economic growth.

Our projects will be designed to address the social determinants of health through creating a safe space where women can socialize, be exposed to new resources of information, and receive peer support. To fulfill these goals, some of our many projects will include:

  • Health and fitness classes
  • Health education – including preventive models of health care which understand cultural sensitivities and the diverse needs of BME women in Edinburgh as well as nutrition workshops and healthy cooking classes
  • Local food production through community engagement
  • Women’s education and empowerment projects
  • Help for BME women wanting to develop social business projects
  • Catering and event management services to provide affordable healthy food to the community delivered to their homes, in addition to business to business catering
  • Textile and fashion design project aiming to design modest and ethnic styles of clothing and fabrics
  • Projects helping BME women learn about nature and outdoor survival skills

Inspiration for Health4You

“My journey to founding Health 4 You is a long one, marked my struggles and overcoming many obstacles. I am ethnically Sudanese but have lived most of my adult life in Saudi Arabia. I graduated from Khartoum University in 1996 with a degree in dentistry – I was a practicing dentist in Saudi Arabia and Sudan for six years before my arrival to Edinburgh. I first came to Scotland in 2002 on a spouse visa.

Due to my family responsibilities, I decided to change my career and obtained my MSc in Business Management from Edinburgh Napier University. After graduation, I worked in casual jobs to earn a living. Finding a job in my field in Edinburgh was initially quite challenging, so I moved back home to work as an HR manager in a private university in Khartoum.
In 2012 I came back to Edinburgh and worked at the store M&S as well as various customer service jobs for two years while I was studying part time for a degree in Law. It was during this time that encountered a group of women in Edinburgh’s central mosque. They came to Edinburgh as migrants or asylum seekers and were facing difficulties to get career advice, access to employment, women-only health and wellbeing services. It was then that I realized that I had been in the same situation as them many times before. Therefore, I decided to create an enterprise to help fulfil those needs. As a BME migrant, although I had utilised many services provided by non-profit organizations and various government resources in Edinburgh (and these helped me to live more independently and gain my freedom), there is a need for services tailored not only to BME women’s basic needs but to their long-term success and ability to thrive in Edinburgh. So, in addition to providing a system of support to achieve their health and wellbeing goals and to gain financial independence and supportive social networks – I founded this enterprise to be a constant source of safety, education, and collaborative growth for all BME women in Edinburgh.”

Nahla Awad, Founder and CEO of Health 4 You CIC